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Common threads are beginning to emerge from the rich descriptive data  of the stories of people living with type 1 diabetes and how they interact with health systems

Lack of Coordinated Care

There is a lack of coordinated care between primary and specialty care health services where people have experienced challenges in obtaining referrals, navigation of healthcare, and communication breakdown between providers


Mental Health

Diabetes and family physicians are inadequately resourced to address mental-health in people living with T1D


Virtual Care

Virtual care has provided greater flexibility for people living with type 1 diabetes to get to their appointments


Diabetes is Expensive

There are significant cost barriers to accessing technology, supplies, and basic necessities for good self-management

Limiting education, career, and family planning choices are a reality for many living with type 1 diabetes

Limiting Life Choices

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Peer Support

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Peer support helps people work through living with type 1 diabetes with others who have similar experiences

Meeting in the hospital
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