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The Reshape T1D Study Team

Who We Are


Jamie Boisvenue, MSc

Scientific Lead

Jamie is a PhD Candidate in the School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences at the University of Alberta. As the scientific lead of the Reshape T1D study, his role is to carry out all research operations, when he's not climbing mountains of course...

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Rose Yeung, MD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Yeung is a clinical endocrinologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her research interests include diabetes, quality improvement in healthcare, and implementation science

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Heather Hinz, MSc

Patient Partner

Heather has been living with T1D for over 30 years. She holds a master's degree in kinesiology, sport, and recreation. Her graduate work focused on people with T1D and how exercise may affect their blood glucose. Heather has been involved with Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps off and on for several years as well as being part of Diabetes Action Canada

Reid McClure

Patient Partner

Reid is a graduate student in the faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation at the University of Alberta currently investigating strategies to improve diabetes management through physical activity. He also brings 23 years of lived experience with type 1 diabetes, five of which were spent competing internationally as a professional road cyclist. He is passionate about research aimed at reducing barriers to physical activity and empowering people with type 1 diabetes to live healthy, fulfilling lives

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Kathleen Gibson, RD

Patient Partner

Kathleen has lived with T1D for more than 28 years. Her diagnosis ultimately led her to change her career from environmental science to Registered Dietitian. She is passionate about everyone being able to live well no matter the challenges. She believes the voice of people living with chronic conditions is often not heard and overlooked and wants to be part of making change

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Kim Young, RD

Clinician Partner

 Kim's passion for empowering people living with diabetes started in her youth, observing the challenges her two siblings faced living with type 1 diabetes. Since becoming a dietitian in 2000, she has met many people living with type 1 diabetes, with their own unique obstacles and successes. The resilience and tenacity of people living with type 1 diabetes, and a desire to support them to be the best version of themselves, is what inspired Kim to become a part of the Reshape T1D study. Kim’s other passions include running or hiking on mountain trails with friends or family, and supporting her two children in their athletic pursuits

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Youssef Elezzabi

Student & Patient Partner

Youssef came to the Reshape T1D study as an eager young scientist. He is currently completing his doctor of pharmacy degree at the University of Alberta and is a past recipient of the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials Summer Studentship for this research. In addition to his scholarly activities, Youssef brings his expert lived experience to the study as someone living with type 1 diabetes

Robyn Homulos, RN

Clinician Partner

Robyn has been a registered nurse for 25 years and spent the past 19 years in an adult diabetes outpatient clinic. The majority of her career has involved working with clients who have type 1 diabetes. As a clinician, she recognizes knowledge deficits and communication barriers within diabetes healthcare and hopes that the Reshape T1D study will improve type 1 diabetes care across all health care settings


Tammy McNab, MD

Clinician Partner

Dr. McNab is an endocrinologist and clinical professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta. She brings her expert clinical teaching and patient education experiences to the Reshape T1D Study


Shelley Bender, RN

Clinician Partner

Shelley is a registered nurse and education consultant in type 1 diabetes care. Her focus is primarily on all things patient education and brings her professional expertise as a nurse and pump educator to the Reshape T1D study

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